Eugene + Michelle Engagement

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The entire week prior to the shoot, we were nervous about the weather as the forecast called for rain. Luckily the rain let up enough today to let us do an engagement shoot at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Park with Eugene and Michelle.

Their kimonos were absolutely gorgeous, and I was so pleased with the colours that I had trouble picking my favourite pictures to highlight. I never knew that there were so many small details to be aware of when wearing a kimono. From the placement of the hand, to the symmetry of various pieces on the kimono, to how a fan should be held, we certainly learned a lot! I’m so glad we took a chance with the weather, these two are such a sweet couple.

Hair & Makeup: Jive Jive

Alex + Hillary Engagement

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I had the pleasure of meeting Alex and Hillary for their engagement shoot yesterday. Finding a venue for them in Vancouver’s rainy weather was tricky, and trying to factor in what makes them unique was an added challenge. For a couple who loves their wine and food, Belgard Kitchen was perfect. They were nice enough to let use their venue before opening time so that we had it all to ourselves. I can’t thank their staff enough for being so accommodating!

It was hard not to smile around these two. Every couple of seconds, Hillary would burst out into spontaneous laughter, so photographing them was such a joy. These high school sweethearts have been dating for over ten years; their chemistry was undeniable.

Judy + Biyu Engagement (Part II)

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Part two of Judy and Biyu’s engagement shoot involved hopping into a car and driving to Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver. The amazing natural west coast was enticing enough of a drive. Even though it was the start of fall, we managed to squeeze some photos in before it started raining. It was definitely a chilly day though!

Judy + Biyu Engagement (Part I)

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The first time I met Judy, she was a videographer at the same wedding I was helping out at, and we hit it off instantly. Easily one of the sweetest girl I have ever met, I was more than excited to have a chance to shoot her engagement pictures! We were chasing the sun the whole time as it was setting at Deer Lake park, but when we did manage to catch the light, the results were just magical. Of course, having an adorable couple in front of the camera only helped!

judy+biyu engagementjudy+biyu engagementjudy+biyu engagementjudy+biyu engagementjudy+biyu engagementjudy+biyu engagement

Alex + Jolie Engagement (Part I)

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Alex and Jolie are such an adorable couple in person. We had so much fun photographing their engagement around Stanley park last month that we are now in San Francisco getting ready for another shoot! Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek of some of the photographs from the Stanley Park session.